Why is Frost offering health services at the One Frost campus?

As with the other onsite amenities, we are constantly seeking ways to provide services that allow our employees to move fast, stay focused and have impact. We provide services that make life more convenient, efficient and simple. Onsite health care will not only save you time, but will provide an exceptional concierge medical experience. The right care at the right time, right on campus.

Employees enrolled in any health insurance can use the center. So whether you use Frost’s health plan coverage, your spouse’s coverage or other private health coverage, you may use the center.

Due to the nature of our secure campus, dependents are not eligible for this service.

The Wellness Center is able to verify your eligibility as part of the account activation process.

Going through the process of creating an account allows you to access the full online capabilities of the Wellness Center. You will be able to schedule an appointment, message your provider, and view test results. More importantly, establishing an account is the first step in creating a trusted relationship with the Wellness Center provider who can then be available to provide assistance 24/7 for serious health issues.

From any page, click on “sign up” in the top right. It’s super easy and takes just a few minutes. During the process of creating your account you will also agree to the terms of use, provide your consent for treatment, and be advised as to your privacy rights and how your personal health data will be used.

Once you have activated your no-cost portal account, you are able to access it from ANYWHERE, by going to frostwellnesscenter.com and clicking Sign In, in the top right corner You are able to access your secure patient portal from your desktop workspace with the blue FWC symbol.

No. A fundamental term of use and central tenant of your privacy rights are that your employer will never have access to your personal health information. Your consent for treatment is between you and your provider who belongs to an independent medical group.

  • Online (preferred):
    After creating your account, you can log in to schedule, change, and cancel appointments.  You will also be able to message the Wellness Center team and review test results inside your online portal.
  • By Phone (if you run into issues online)
    (210) 660-1000

The Frost Wellness Center is open 8am to 5pm (closed 12-1pm), Monday through Friday. The clinic operates on appointments only, we cannot accept walk-ins.

Our care team and physician are on call for the Wellness Center 24/7. Our providers are available to help triage your phone call and direct care as appropriate based on your need.

No. The Wellness Center is a benefit offered to employees and as such, no one is required to use it. Even if you have a primary care physician, you may still want to be connected to the Wellness Center for times when you can’t readily access your primary care provider.

The Frost Wellness Center is staffed by physicians that offer comprehensive primary care to include, acute care issues, chronic disease manages (diabetes, thyroid, blood pressure monitoring), prevention and wellness checkups, men’s health, women’s health, minor procedures, immunizations, travel medicine etc )

The out of pocket cost for most employees is going to be $0.  Patients that are on the United Healthcare Insurance through Frost on the high deductible plan with HSA will pay $45 per in-office visit.  Nurse visits, Physician Phone appointments and Annual visits do not apply are covered.

If you need care outside the Wellness Center, our care team will help coordinate. We can help recommend specialists as well as assist with scheduling an appointment. We also work with you to ensure that all the information from outside care is collected back into your medical record so it is complete.

We have developed a highly specialized network of specialists, diagnostic centers, and health facilities that provide a differentiated service level for you. This network is developed with your help so when you are referred to an outside provider please be sure and tell us about your experience so we can ensure we have the very best providers in our network.

The best way to provide feedback is to fill out the Patient Satisfaction Survey after your appointment.

Care Team

We selected Crossover Health Medical Group as our partner to manage the Frost Wellness Center.

After an extensive procurement process, we selected Crossover Health because they are the best cultural and innovation fit for Frost. Crossover Health provides health services on campus to some of the most innovative companies in the world.

Crossover Health provides comprehensive primary care. This means that all the traditional health, wellness and vitality services are offered in an integrated approach. Crossover Health employs not only board-certified primary care physicians, but also other licensed professionals like registered and licensed vocation nurses.

We are thrilled with the care team that Crossover Health has built to staff our Wellness Center. You can learn more about the providers on the Team page.

All of the providers at the Wellness Center came highly recommended, are board-certified in their respective areas of professional expertise, and went through an exhaustive interview process designed to assess their personal, professional and cultural match with Frost.

If you need a prescription, the physician can electronically send the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.

Our care team is available after hours, including nights, weekends, and holidays. Once you activate your account with the Wellness Center, you will be able to request a refill of prescriptions online. Depending on the nature of the request and medication involved, the provider will access your electronic health record to electronically refill for pickup at your pharmacy.

One of the reasons to activate your account with the Wellness Center is to take advantage of the personal health record, which can serve as a repository of your health information. The technologies involved are constantly evolving and the capabilities to store data are expanding as rapidly as the devices, apps, and related tools are in capturing new sources of data.

Your personal health information is securely stored by the electronic health record system utilized by Crossover Health. Internet security protocols, privacy protections and encryption technologies that meet health care standards are utilized.

The health information saved in our electronic health record (EHR) is accessible through several export standards utilized throughout the health industry. The EHR used by Crossover Health takes advantage of the Continuity of Care Record (CCR) format. This is accessible upon request and within your online account.

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